Monday, January 25

the Intensity of Felted Soap

It's been a while since I posted. Despite my absence, I've been making things all along and especially during the holidays for presents. The rest of my free time I am working on my animated short film (an illustrated/ AEFX / Stopmotion ) project I'm very excited about! More to come on that later....

So this felted soap business: My friend Tita was telling me how Anthropologie was charging $15 dollars for these particular felted soaps, and that they are relatively easy to make - (theoretically, that is). You take a sweet smelling bar of soap, and wrap it in roving wool, then you place it in some women's stockings - and getting the soap and the wool wet - you then rub the whole bundle against a bamboo mat on all sides vigorously until the wool begins to knot itself around the soap also making a big soapy mess. The idea is that the wool acts as a washcloth, so you won't need one, and as the soap shrinks, the wool does as well.

I made a few. They turned out rather cute, but they were quite challenging on my weak arm muscles. :/

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