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Monday, June 7

Stumptown 2010

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I had the honor of sharing a table with two very talented individuals I can call friends -Cat Farris and Matt Grigsby over at the Stumptown Comics Fest right here in Portland. It was a great event to be a part of and I look forward to coming again next year! Afterwords, headed over to the Pony Club Gallery for their after party.

These little owl scribbles were done using the mighty japanese Pentel brush pen that Cat let me borrow...

Monday, January 25


I was inspired to make these because of my love of silhouettes, and the artists who do them best - the German animator, Lotte Reiniger, and American artist, Cara Walker. I took a series of profile pictures for reference, drew from those, and then cut them out of black construction paper using a very tiny pair of scissors. I went on to choose vintage oval frames to place them in. ^__^

Bottle caps and Woodblock Type

My friend Jessica collects bottle caps and has been for quite some time. She has buckets full, and shelves full of the buckets, and they are fitted in crevices. We wanted to devise a plan to utilize some of these, so we decided to make some fun magnets out of them. I ended up stamping out the names using my favorite alphabet rubber stamp set that resembles old woodblock type. Then I filled them with cold resin, and after an overnight sitting, and adhering the magnets to the backs, they were ready for display!

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