Monday, September 7

Watercolor Dog

This is a little watercolor I made for my uncle for his birthday. Homemade IS better. He loves dogs... Thought I would share. I was pleased with how the piece came out considering how quickly I made it.

Feathered Headband

Around Christmas time this past year, I felt very inspired by all the feathered items I was seeing. Jewelry and hair pieces, etc... so much so that I thought, I can make that! SO I did. And they came out quite lovely actually. This is the first one I made - for my sister, Lauren, who is modeling it - isn't she the loveliest of models EVER? She is also wearing my galaxy 999ish black button coat. She got so many compliments at her school she told me I should sell them, alas I never got around to it. However, I have some supplies left, so if you want to request one from me, shoot me an email and maybe we can work out a deal. ;)

Saturday, September 5

Star Wars, Gesso, and C3PO

This past week, I put some time into recreating a set from a scene in Star Wars at Fashionbuddha. The project came from this site - StarWars:Uncut. If you are interested in more details you should check it out. They are recreating one 15 sec clip from the movie. In the end, the entire movie will be pieced together of segments from different artists, and not so artists making up the entire length of the movie! My little set was made of foam core, gesso, hot glue, and lots of paint. It turned out pretty cool, and I even got some compliments on my scoring ability! Yeehaw.

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